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KEPNERandFOURIE has been providing organizational teams with the ability and skills to address vexing and seemingly unsolvable problem situations for more than 20 years.

Our clients are all long-term clients and have come to trust us for providing actionable facilitated actions and improving the bottom line in measurable results.



Our company mission is to provide an avenue for key staff members to qualify as professional problem solvers and provide the opportunity and ability to apply their newfound skills in their organisation in a confident way. Our secondary aim is to provide common templates and structured questions to allow cross functional teams to collaborate optimally with other teams. This practice ensures that all data is transparent and this enables the teams to keep moving forward to a mutually agreed solution.


Our greatest satisfaction is derived from collaborating with our clients to arrive at a jointly agreed results driven consulting assignment incorporating a committed learning solution. We initially perform an assessment of their current state, agree on the performance GAP and together develop an affordable action plan. This ensures that both parties are committed to a working partnership and have joint responsibility for the eventual outcome.


We embarked on the Kepner and Fourie training with the expectation to improve our problem-solving skills. We met that objective handsomely and we now have an attitude of always looking for the underlying reasons before jumping to action. This is a highly desirable state seeing that we are working with clients and do not want to resort to the old “blame fixing” game.

Olivier Poullard Executive Program Director SITA

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