Providing an opportunity for a quick path to a highly lucrative additional revenue stream

Dive into the AI & Critical Thinking Nexus


Elevate Training with AI-Powered Decision Making.​ Thinking Dimensions Global has identified the strategic opportunity to market, sell, deliver and add to their current proven and world-renowned KEPNERandFOURIE Critical Thinking suite of services. Now they’ve added and infused it with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the advent of AI and the near-perfect convergence with our Critical Thinking services of Decision-making, Root Cause Analysis, Innovation and Problem-solving we are now in the unique position of offering these products and services with immediate affect.

Value Proposition

Critical Thinking with state-of-the-art AI. Our Value proposition is to offer the KandFAI thinking skills to any consultant that is looking for a high return product/service to add as an additional revenue stream. The nature of the new service is highly unique and most appropriate, because it would solve major current obstacles in problem-solving and decision-making. It is guaranteed to reduce decision-making cycles by 60%, increase data quality two-fold and add major new levels of credibility to decision made and problems solved.

Added to the above it would also open new management positions, exciting personal development and career opportunities and various pathways to company equity and thus directorship appointments.

Are you a good fit?

Persona of an Ideal Applicant

Professional Experience:

You have led multiple training sessions, tailored workshops, and curated modules that cater to a wide audience. Has a good track record of sales or business growth, possibly having managed a business or consultancy of your own.

Character Traits:

Visionary Thinker: You always have an eye on the bigger picture. You understand market trends and anticipates client needs.
Networker: You cultivated meaningful relationships across the business sector, earning respect and trust from peers and clients.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: You are always seeking opportunities to grow, innovate, and amplify your earnings.
Eloquent Communicator: Whether it’s presenting a training session or selling an idea, your communication skills are top-notch.


You see the potential of integrating training with your existing business or creating synergies that boost overall revenue.
You would be excited about the prospect of transitioning to an equity partner, investing your skills and passion into a venture that promises substantial returns.


Imagine taking just two days to learn a new skill and getting certified to deliver it, running parallel to selling an easy service to existing clients and instantly earn high income rewards as from within 2 months after joining Thinking Dimensions Global.

Target Audience

We are thought leaders in Critical Thinking Skills and has proven products, services and client success results since 1997. The initial vehicle is learning to deliver a ½ day workshop in Critical Thinking infused with AI. Every time a rewarding experience. You would also market to the biggest target population in any organization such as all managers of all levels and all supervisors and team leaders and including all professional internal staff members.

Quick Revenue Opportunity

There is a small down payment to join the company, but we are highly creative with a customized financial plan to help you get going without any worries. We are only interested in loyal, hard-working professionals that would earn up to 88% of their own revenue generated with every sale. You sold it and you deserve the bulk of the income!


Going from Corporate employee to full partner

Andrew Sauter first experienced the potential and subsequent impact of KEPNERandFOURIE within the corporate company he was employed. However, he was so impressed by the contents and impact this made in his company that he decided to join TDG as a reseller of our products in his region and quickly worked himself up in KEPNERandFOURIE to the status of a full partner.

Andrew Sauter: Managing Partner Australia

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