Providing an opportunity for a quick path to a highly lucrative additional revenue stream

Your entry opportunity & Investment

Why Join?

​ Our emblem, a brain & circuit blend encapsulates our core:

• Synergy: Uniting human intelligence with AI. • Innovation: Advancing with KEPNERandFOURIE & AI synergy. • Empowerment: Equip decision-makers with unmatched tools. • Integrity: Ethical AI and unwavering data privacy. • Growth: Adapting and evolving with user feedback.​

The Opportunity

The opportunity starts with mastering a well-structured ½ day face-to-face Decision-making workshop with 6-15 participants. We’ve integrated the world-renowned KEPNERandFOURIE critical thinking with AI to establish unmatched tools to enable speedy and high-quality decisions. This could be applied to unique complex decisions right down to less complex routine decisions.

The financials

We suggest selling this ½ day workshop for around $5000* for up to 15 participants. The only costs associated with such a workshop would be the royalties of 12% to be paid to Thinking Dimensions Global. The profit margins for you are enormous and generous – Gross Profit of 88% and Net Profit margin of at least +65%.

* This is the suggested price for the USA and every other country will have an appropriate price.


Initial Opportunity

Once you’ve attended a 2-day train-the-trainer with us you would be able to sell and deliver the ½ Critical Thinking AI infused training workshop. We’ve looked at all the traditional obstacles for this kind of training and decided on the ½ day format;

  • People too busy to attend training – ½ day morning or afternoon workshop
  • Know how to make decisions – not with AI that would lift you into a higher quality level
  • Rational DM takes too long – with AI a usual session of 90 min now only takes 30 min for an even better decision.

Second Opportunity

We developed another AI infused 1-day workshop for IT Professionals in Service Management having to resolve Cyber and Service Incidents. This approach is highly effective and in very high demand by IT Departments. No IT experience required to present this workshop.

Other Development Opportunities

These two workshops mentioned above is only the starting point for many other exciting and more in-depth KEPNERandFOURIE workshops. These would range from Incident Management, Problem Management, Project Rescue, Root Cause Analysis, facilitation/coaching and train-the-trainer master workshops.


Carve Out the AI-Driven Global Training Landscape with Us!

Partner with us to redefine AI’s role in Critical Thinking and decision-making across the globe. We are looking for new blood and new ideas to help us grow TDG into a representative global company. We already have 6 Partners in 6 different countries. We want to enable you to have “skin in the game” and grow with us. The existing owners of TDG is shortly getting to retirement age and would love to hand over the company to like-minded and progressive thinking colleagues.

Career Opportunities

With the growth of TDG we would need CTA Regional Managers, Master Trainers, Thought Leaders and replacement Directors such as OPS Director, Managing Director, etc. We would expect all senior positions and Partners to acquire a minimum number of shares that would be made available by the existing owners to spread ownership over more accountable people in the future TDG company


Going from Corporate employee to full partner

Andrew Sauter first experienced the potential and subsequent impact of KEPNERandFOURIE within the corporate company he was employed. However, he was so impressed by the contents and impact this made in his company that he decided to join TDG as a reseller of our products in his region and quickly worked himself up in KEPNERandFOURIE to the status of a full partner.

Andrew Sauter: Managing Partner Australia

How can we help you?

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